Friday, September 26, 2003

You know what term I'm tired of? 'Metrosexual.' It's this tag applied to guys in touch with their feminine sides. Guys who spend lots of money on nice clothes and facials, and other such shit.

We don't need a word for guys like this - we already have one. Queer. And I don't mean queer in terms of homosexual, just guys who have a fruity side to them that they're not ashamed of. Oh, and don't go thinking that this is a bad thing - I've got a definite queer streak in me. Anyone who irons his shirts daily and likes decorating shit is definitely a little queer, and I like being that way.

The only time the word 'metrosexual' was useful was when Maureen Dowd suggested that Rumsfeld might be a metrosexual. The reason why that was great was because it's something that would fucking piss Rummy off and make him go and kill people. Hopefully not Maureen, though, because she writes some quality columns. No, he'd probably just send more of other peoples' children off to die in unnecessary wars, so maybe it wasn't such a good thing after all.

Fucking knock it off already, mainstream media. We don't need a title for guys who have higher standards than bathing themselves in dogshit every day. If you're less of a man for caring about your hair, and clothes, and whatnot, then fuck it. Men are stupid anyway.

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