Thursday, October 02, 2003

After figuring out who Frog Girl is last week, I decided to go and find out what manga Thigh-High Girl is from as well. She's from a series called Girls Bravo, and her name is either Meiki or Miharu or both. I was able to find chapter 1 of the first book from this place, but so far that's all I could dig up.

The story looks to fall into the genre I call TBMF - Total Bullshit Male Fantasy. It centers on Yukishi, a boy who is very short and is terrified of girls (I didn't identify with him at all, by the way). His fear of girls is so severe that he has this bad case of the measles that acts up whenever he's around girls.

When getting home one day, he accidentally walks in on his childhood friend/neighbor, Jinny, who is using his family's shower because hers is broken. Somehow he falls into the bath, which somehow ends up transporting him to a different world. A world that, surprise surprise, is populated mostly by women. In fact, this world has the magic ratio of 9:1 for females:males. Naturally, he is instantly an object of desire since penises are in short supply there. After meeting Meiki and finding out he's in another world, a good deal of the first chapter involves him running from all the man-craving women who want to jump his short, measled bones.

The chapter ends with Meiki and Yukishi getting transported back to his world, landing both of them in the bathtub with Jinny.

Naturally, Yukishi is not nervous at all around Meiki, and he doesn't even have his measles outbreaks, so there's the obvious setup for some sort of romance there. In typical TBMF fashion, there's also Jinny, setting up a nice love triangle. And of course, there's that whole world of nothing but eager poon awaiting him on the other side of his bathtub.

Looks like it could be one of those simple-minded yet too cute romantic comedies that I'm a sucker for. If only I can get ahold of more.

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