Thursday, October 16, 2003

After several years of using PayPal, I'm rapidly approaching the exhaustion of my PayPal sending limit. I've been fighting their bullshit "verification" process for awhile now. I see no reason why they need my fucking checking account number when every goddamn transaction I've made through PayPal has been fully backed by a major credit card with no problems. They are not a goddamn credit card company, and they do not need to know my bank details. Sorry PayPal, I don't fucking trust you.

My plan all along has been to open up a new account, but I have a feeling that they'll figure that out (based on credit card billing addresses, etc.). Lately I've thought about applying for their Visa card, which comes from Providian Financial. That still bothers me because I have to give PayPal personal info to apply.

Has anyone done anything to successfully get around this shady verification nonsense? Or can other people just control their spending on Transformers, anime toys, and Japanese idol magazines to the point where they don't have to worry about the PayPal sending limit?

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