Wednesday, October 01, 2003

As it turns out, my suspicions were correct and those bogus comments that had a URL and popped up a window were what helped bring the commenting system down for awhile. The comment caused a porn site to be popped up, then it tried to install some kind of dialer.

I know that I got those comments deleted fairly quickly: I left work, and they weren't there right before I left, got home ~1 hour later, they were there, and I deleted them immediately.

Since this was the issue, as opposed to something like the guy who runs the service had his machine hacked into, there's no real impetus for me to change commenting systems. Something like this could happen on any commenter, I believe, if someone makes a post with a URL that pops up a porn site and tries to install something. I'm not sure how it automatically popped up that porn site, though, but I'm no web expert. Also, since the site then tried to install a program, I don't see how the fuck that installation would take place unless if the user somehow confirmed it. If nothing else, you'd think web browsers would have some kind of setting for "do not run arbitrary executables without asking."

So, if something like this happens again, the best I can do is just remain vigilant and try and get shit like that out of there ASAP if it happens again. Since my OCD requires me to be constantly monitoring e-mail (where I'm notified right away of new comments), I should be able to handle things fairly quickly, unless of course if I'm asleep. In which case, install a pop-up blocker of some sort! Believe me, you'll be doing yourself a favor, and not just for when you visit Fuck Everything.

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