Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Continuing with the Supreme Theme, as well as the drug theme, here's more on the Court's decision to not make a decision on the medical marijuana issue briefly mentioned in that NYT article.

God, what a bunch of shit. I don't think marijuana use should be illegal, and this is coming from a total square who has never smoked pot. Just like with cigarettes, just because I'm not into it doesn't mean others shouldn't be when it isn't fucking harming anyone else.

The medical marijuana issue is even more irritating just because it's this hard-assed, letter of the law shit that is completely unnecessary. The government for years has been Mr. Mackey, preaching to us that "drugs are bad, mmm-kay, you shouldn't take drugs." And just because drugs are "bad," that means they can never be used in a way that helps people. Shit, it helps people in general, but it most definitely helps those with terminal illnesses. The government (and I'm not just talking about the Bush administration, either) doesn't care, instead allowing itself to be completely blinded by its own ideals, and totally ignoring the human side of things.

Naturally, to admit that drugs that don't come from Pfizer have some good uses would be to admit that they're wrong in one way or another. They of course cannot show any fallibility since drugs have somehow become a moral issue, despite the fact that in many cases it is not a moral issue. Sure, drugs can lead to violence, but lots of times they do not. It's pretty much like swearing or masturbating - if any rational person thinks about drugs, saying things like "fuck," or jerking off, there's not a goddamn thing wrong with any of those activities in many instances. Still, somehow, you're a "bad" person for doing any of those things. Well, fuck that, I say, as I head off to download porn and smoke up.

Okay, I'm not going to go smoke up, since I've already pointed out that I'm lame and don't do any of that (but in the words of Dante, "I should start"), but the effect just wouldn't have been achieved without mentioning it, 'ya know?

Maybe more importantly, admitting they're wrong could lead to a lot of the money flowing in the "war" to dry up, and we can't have that.

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