Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Here's some more on the Supreme Court's decision to actually work towards a decision on protecting children from online porn. Here's to hoping that nigger-loving ACL-Jew keeps fighting the good fight.

In case you're wondering about that patently offensive ACLU comment, just go read this and don't give me any shit.

So, how do we protect kids from online porn? Hmmm, I dunno... Parents? Would it kill them to do their fucking job every now and then? Yes, I know it's not easy being a parent, blah blah blah. Furthermore, you can't watch kids all the time. But you know what? Kids have been finding porn since well before the Internet. Guys, raise your hand if you had a friend who showed you his dad's Playboys when you were younger. I see a few hands. Probably even a few from women.

If kids do come across porn, how about parents just take the time to actually talk about it and explain things? I mean, we can explain the Holocaust, nuclear annihilation, and the Ice Capades, but not bukkake? C'mon.

Pornography is obviously not for children, but you can't just go around fucking adults who have legal rights just because we're too lazy to tackle some issues and do some parenting.

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