Thursday, October 23, 2003

I am so sick and tired of this debate. It's as stupid as the one that says porn leads to rape. It's just this cheap correlation, and as we learned in psych 1001, correlation does not imply causation. Yes, lots of violent kids play violent video games, but those kids would be fucked up without the video games. Same goes for rapists. Furthermore, if the games aren't at fault, how the fuck can the people who make and sell those games be culpable?

We are all about scapegoating in this country. We never, ever want to deal with the real issues at hand, because that would force us to think and to analyze, which can only lead to us finding out bad things about ourselves which we may then feel bad about and have to fix.

Kids like these ones obviously have something fucked up in their head that prevents them from controlling themselves like you or I can. Also, these kids are so full of shit, but they're smart. They know GTA didn't give them any ideas, but it's a perfect scapegoat. One that parents will just eat up because it allows them to no longer have to admit that their kid is fucked up and that they might have to do some fucking parenting to make matters better. No need for that, it's all the video games' fault!

Fuck you, lazy ass parents. If you didn't want to have to deal with the tough issues, you shouldn't have been having kids in the first place. I think it's time to start looking into aborting these fucking asshole parents in the 160th trimester.

You know, just because you get ideas from a video game doesn't mean you go out and actually act on those ideas. I remember when I got Grand Theft Auto III. I played it for a couple of days, and when I went out driving on the real roads, I couldn't help but get the urge to run red lights and pass cars on the sidewalk while running down pedestrians. But I didn't. Why not? Because I'm not that fucking crazy, that's why!

Of course, in this case, it's not the parents of the perpetrators who are suing SCEA, Rockstar, and Wal-Mart. These are just people who have suffered a loss, for which I have sympathy, and decided to exploit that loss and be greedy fucks by suing people who have lots and lots of money, for which I have nothing but contempt.

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