Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I started reading PervScan today, which is basically a 'blog of sex-related news. The first post I read was one about how Amazon is in hot water for selling NAMBLA's official magazine. Ahhh, NAMBLA... A group near and dear to my heart. Or, as I prefer to think of them, Pedophile Assholes. What these pricks should really be calling themselves is Little Boy Fucker's Anonymous. Except for the fact that they're not anonymous, because everyone knows who they are and what they're for.

For anyone unfamiliar with how low humanity can be, NAMBLA is the North American Man/Boy Love Association. If you're thinking I made this up, don't feel bad. I had feelings of incredulity myself the first time I heard about them. But they are real, and they are sick.

It's no secret what these guys are up to and into: promotion of sexual relations between adult men and young boys. Again, people we refer to as pedophiles, or in some cases, Catholic Priests.

How do they get away with this bullshit? Why aren't they just arrested? Well, apparently, these guys are good at what they do, if even a U.S. senate committee doesn't consider them criminal (this, however, coming from a bunch of criminals known for protecting other criminals).

Unfortunately, the debate over NAMBLA is actually very tough, even though it seems like a no-brainer at first. I mean, we fucking know what the deal with these guys is. They want to fuck little boys, and oftentimes, they do. As we all know, however, that's not a solid legal foundation, at least not until the fucking part takes place. As an organization, they aren't criminal, at least not provably so at this point. Individual members, yes, are very criminal, but that isn't enough.

From what I gather, as an organization, this is just a group of men who get together to discuss fucking male children. It's not illegal to discuss this, anymore than it's illegal for the KKK to meet and discuss killing blacks and Jews. All of this is repugnant to the rest of us, but it isn't illegal to just talk about things. Free speech, after all.

This is where I really have a hard time, because it leads me to think that nothing should be done to NAMBLA from an organizational standpoint. It is protected speech, no matter how heinous the subject matter is. I have no problem with people who have fucked up sexual desires and fantasies, because I know I have my own share of sick fantasies, and so does everyone else (sexual or otherwise). As such, we've really got no right to judge and condemn what goes on in other people's heads. The problem is when desire and fantasy manifest themselves into real actions, which looks to often be the case for these NAMBLA assholes. These are the scary people; not the ones with sick ideas, but the ones who don't know right from wrong (or just don't care) and who take those ideas beyond talk and fantasy.

From here, the free speech issue becomes whether or not merely talking about something incites people to commit criminal acts. Honestly, I don't think that's the only cause of atrocious behavior. I think it can definitely serve as a catalyst, but when someone commits an act like sexual assault, I just think there is something miswired in their brains that leads them to commit these criminal acts, and that is the real root cause. The acts they perpetrate are ones which they are going to perpetrate at some point or other whether the catalyst arrives or not. Still, though, I can't help but say that this group is just encouraging things like the case of Jeffrey Curley, a story so awful that it produces a visceral reaction in me. Again, though, and god damn it, discussion and encouragement are not enough to get these guys off the streets and into jail where they can face rape of their own. And again, you don't deserve prison and rape just for thinking about something. Bloody hell.

This may seem somewhat contradictory to what I was saying about condemning other cultures for "barbaric" practices. If you think it's wrong, you should do something about it, right? Well, actions like stoning are just that - actions. I have no problems with what goes on in someone else's head, no matter how sick I think it may be, until those thoughts lead them to do something in real life. Yeah, sometimes those thoughts do lead to actions, but not always.

Also, if NAMBLA's magazine is just a showcase of "cute boys," is that much different from a lot of other shit we see? Think of all the "hot teen stars" we see in revealing clothing paraded around on magazine cover after magazine cover. Britney Fucking Spears, for Christ's sake. Thongs for 10-year-olds at Abercrombie. All of society is doing fucked up shit along the same lines.

Mainstream media and society, however, are not publishing things like "Rape and Escape." Does that cross the line of "clear and present danger"? I think you can make that case, assuming that this is actually a NAMBLA publication. By the same token, I'm sure you can make the case, once again, because of protected speech. You would have to prove that "Rape and Escape" directly leads to physical and psychological harm. So far, though, that's the only solid legal argument I can make, and it's not much. Otherwise, until they take some sort of action, there's nothing that can be done.

There is just no easy answer, and there are no clear lines to be drawn. Like always, I cannot come to a solid conclusion. But I just cannot let go of the fact that we know what these guys are about, and there's nothing we can do until it's too late. At the same time, I want to see principles like free speech upheld. I started this rant thinking to myself, "Fuck the ACLU for defending these assholes," and now I'm like, "Well, fuck, they are doing their job to uphold the guarantees of the Constitution." But, again, I come back to the fact that these guys are promoting sex with children, and the only possible true aim of that could be for members to then go out and do just that.

You know, why don't those fucking Christian fundamentalists do us all a favor and start bombing NAMBLA meetings instead of abortion clinics? You know, finally put their fervent energy to good use? At least the babies that get aborted won't grow up to be molested by these NAMBLA fucks.

Okay, it's time to stop. I don't think there's any coherency in this post; it's nothing but back and forth. Bottom line, NAMBLA: sick fucks, but can't do anything until they've actually done something. Until it can be proven that they have criminal intent (and I don't mean the shitty Law and Order Series), we're just going to have to live with it. Until they actually commit sexual assault, that is. Once they've done that, then I can make my feelings very clear: we should just kill the asshole, or put him into prison where he'll be raped, then killed.

And yes, I am just waiting to get more and more hits from pedophiles doing Google searches. That's my thanks for trying to hit the hard issues and for going after the sick fucks.

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