Monday, October 20, 2003

I'm going to renew my call for David Blaine to fucking die, preferably on his next stunt. What a self-important pretentious asshole. You think you're fucking special, David? Because you can starve yourself on purpose just for attention, while people around the world starve because they have no choice? I wish they would have just lowered that goddamn box right into the river. Fuck you, David Blaine.

Oh, and to all those "fans" of this assfuck, fuck you ten times more for encouraging this insipid, meaningless crap, you empty-headed animals. God, your lives must be bankrupt to actually care about something so pointless. If you're so stupid to call Blaine a "pioneer of human endurance" and get all emotional over him, then - fuck it. Nevermind.

"Oh please, oh please Mr. Blaine... Give me a bag that you shit in!"

Hmph. I must be getting angry, now.

Thanks, though, to the writer of that article, for making me smile by putting the whole stupid affair into perspective: "That was because it was the only thing that had actually happened."

Speaking of lowering shit into water, this reminds me of a plan I came up with once. As soon as I'm in charge, we're going to round up as many stupid people as we can. We're going to load them into a big cage, and drop that cage into the fucking ocean.

You know what's fucked up? I came up with that idea years and years ago, when I was nowhere near as jaded as I am now. So that oughta give you an idea as to where I'm at these days.

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