Monday, October 20, 2003

Like always, I'm in a very shitty mood. So, I'm going to malign someone else's 'blog, despite the fact that mine is fucking garbage. Here's a quote from one I came across via Fresh Blogs:

"so i took sadaf home today, and she forgot her key and went to her neighbor to ask for it, and i being the nice guy that i am waited for her in their driveway in case they dont have it. turns out they do and i was about to leave and i was backing out and then wham there goes my bumper. why do these gay things always happen to me? apparently there was a hydrant there that i didnt notice hahaha."

Why do these "gay things" always happen? I don't know... Because you're a fucking idiot?

I'll be nice and not post a link to his 'blog. For now. I should leave him alone, because he's just some dumbass kid. But still, anyone who says shit like "being the nice guy that i am" is a fucking asshole.

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