Thursday, October 23, 2003

Management: 1
Me: 1

Our long national nightmare of me not having a "real" job is finally coming to an end. Despite having been beaten by management at one company earlier in the year, this time I emerge with an offer of employment from another.

Yes, after all the fucking bitching and complaining I put everyone through (if you think you've got it bad, that's nothing compared to people who actually have to put up with me in real life), I ended up getting the job. It's been over a month and a half from first interview to job offer, but I don't give a shit now that I know that I'm on this side of the fence. I can now move on to begin my customary continual apologizing for all the bitching I did which turned out to be for no good reason.

So, yeah, I'm sorry.

This just goes to show you, though, that just "thinking positive" is total bullshit. Look at me, I've been nothing but negative, and it ended up working out. Of course, that's just how I work - I'm all about worst-case scenario planning. That way, if things end up shitty, I'm not as disappointed. It's just like, "Hey, this is what I expected." If things happen to go well, then it's even better and way more satisfying. "Holy fuck, this is great! I never expected this to happen!"

Yeah, I know, I have problems. And again, sorry.

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