Saturday, October 11, 2003

Not surprisingly, the Princeton kid who found a way around an anti-copying scheme for certain CDs earlier this week is being sued.

"Halderman came to false conclusions concerning the robustness and efficacy of SunnComm's MediaMax technology." What? Being able to defeat something by holding down "shift" pretty much re-defines non-robust and non-effective.

What a bunch of shit. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA, which is a bunch of shit in and of itself in many ways) makes it illegal, among other things, to circumvent copyright protection mechanisms. I don't think the shift key trick really qualifies, though. There's a difference between circumvention and just finding a flaw in shittily written software. The DMCA should not be allowed to be used as a backup for bad engineering. Well, bad programming in this case.

Furthermore, there's the whole driver installation issue. It should be fucking illegal for anything to install something on your computer without your knowledge. My guess is that there is no warning about the driver installation if SunnComm is pissed about the disclosure about the drivers. People have a right to know if something is going to be installed, plain and simple.

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