Saturday, October 25, 2003

Okay, so as it turns out, the rational side of me was right, and my Angelfire account where I was hosting images for the as-yet-un-resurrected other 'blog was removed because I was using it as my personal image repository. Well, it was either that or what they call "direct linking" - they just sent me some fucking form letter e-mail which didn't give the specific reason as to why I got 86'ed.

Anyway, I'm safe from the FBI. For now. But make no mistake, they're coming for me.

So, I've got a couple of options as to what I can do in terms of image hosting. I can use my other Angelfire account, which hasn't been shut down yet. I can probably write up a few token HTML pages to make it look like I'm "building" something, and maybe they won't catch on, especially since they haven't as of yet. There are also a couple of other places I've found, one which is designed for image hosting, so that might be the way to go.

The only thing really holding me back now is paranoia. Yes, it's stupid, but I can't help it. And does this mean I'm afraid that I might be doing something I consider "wrong"? Nope. It's just that living in this country, I've learned that you don't have to do something wrong to face unfair punishment.

Oh well. The whole Angelfire experience was worth it, I suppose, just to have an e-mail sent to me that started "Dear John Shaft." Now I've just gotta figure out if I care enough to continue with the other 'blog.

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