Sunday, October 12, 2003

Okay, so it's time to send out some big ups to a few 'bloggers out there before things either get out of hand or I just end up not doing it at all.

Leading off is Super happy Fun Dog, a 'blogger who hates baseball (like most everyone else, and I have no qualms with that) and describes their site as being "like the Washington Post - but without all that ethics and integrity crap."

On deck is Kelly's Blog Blog, a 'blog started for the sole purpose of keeping track of other 'blogs. Kelly appears to be a much more surgical 'blogger than I, as Kelly has another 'blog devoted to quitting smoking, and yet another devoted to more web links.

Batting third is The Thought Sink a new 'blog with a clever name.

Finally, batting cleanup is yet another friend who has fallen victim to this 'blogging nonsense, begging the question of What Would Vegeta Do?. Unlike some hacks I can name, she's a published writer who can actually write. We just need to get a couple more friends of ours into this 'blogging bullshit, and then we can have ourselves one big 'blogging family. Christ, what a fucked up family that would be.

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