Monday, October 27, 2003

On my way in to work today, I had the opportunity to kill what looked like a family of four. I couldn't see all of the occupants clearly because making sure that I didn't hit the asshole was priority one, but it looked like a full vehicle with some kids in the back.

I'm driving down the road, doing 10 over in a 40 zone, which is of course, speeding, but no more than everyone else. I'm approaching an intersection, and there's a car in opposing traffic getting ready to turn left. The light was solid green for me. Any sensible person would just wait for 3 seconds until I'm past, but oh no, this jackass couldn't wait. So he makes his turn, forcing me to hit the brakes to keep from having to buy a new car this week.

This motherfucker is in an old Dodge fucking Neon. He had no chance of making it through that goddamn intersection if I hadn't realized what he was doing and hit the brakes. Now, my Honda Civic is neither big nor powerful, but if I braodside someone at 50 I can do some damage.

People who are this fucking careless infuriate me. They're so goddamn impatient and arrogant that they don't pay any fucking attention to the world around them. I have to pay attention to and FOR these motherfuckers in order to keep all of us out of the hospital. It's extra infuriating when you have kids in the car but you still don't care enough to pay fucking attention to what you're doing. Nothing against the kids, unless if they're assholes too, but these cocksuckers deserve to see their kids die in front of them just so they finally learn to not be such a dumbass.

It isn't that hard to be a good driver. It's actually pretty fucking simple. I can be driving, listening to music, and talking on my bloody cell phone all at the same time, and STILL have enough road awareness to catch other people doing stupid shit.

Learn to drive, or get off the fucking road.

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