Thursday, October 23, 2003

Show me some fucked up stories from Japanese Tabloids? Okay! (With all due respect to Dave Attell).

Yeah, I know this is a day late, and I've killed my weekly theme as a result. This week, at least. Either way, I sincerely doubt anyone's hopes were hinging on the W^4 being on time.

Okay, this is kinda interesting. The article was pretty much only amusing for the first paragraph, but I just noticed that it has changed from earlier in the week. It used to be much harsher, saying "... Norika Fujiwara would probably be the average Japanese man's ideal woman if she were 20 years younger." instead of the "childlike cheesecake" bit. Apparently, Mr. Connell (who writes a good deal of these tabloid review bits) got in some hot water for implying that the average Japanese man wants nothing more than to fuck 12 year old girls (I smell more pedos on the way...). Which may or may not be true.

I wonder what the application and interview process is like for becoming SpermMan. Why the fuck didn't they show a picture of him, goddammit?

Because what woman doesn't want to use an angry cartoon character to stimulate herself sexually? You know, I'm reading that headline, and thinking it's going to be something really kinky. Nope, just pissed off cartoons. Anyway, I'm sure most women would much rather "massage" themselves with a cute character.

Okay, so maybe prostitution is illegal there, but not like it matters. Also, I have a new goal - fuck engineering, I wanna be an "ejaculation industry expert."

Old people sex manga. Yeah, but are the character designs any good?

Kind of a slow week with the tabloids. Either that, or this shit is all normal to me now, and doesn't surprise me. When I read about schoolgirl prostitutes or cartoon sex toys, I'm just thinking "Yeah, that's about right."

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