Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Since I posted a bunch of WaiWai stories last Wednesday, I decided to do it again and build a weekly feature around it. So here is the second installment of the Weekly Wednesday WaiWai Roundup, or W^4 for short. I would have called it the W^4 "Woundup" to continue with the alliteration, but that would just be fucking retarded. Let's get it on.

Here is the winner of this week's worst headline award.

If a boyfriend told me I wasn't dressed well enough, I'd just kick him in the nuts and leave. But if you want to turn it into a materialistic mission, that's cool, too. "Upwardly mobile"... That's just classic.

Those girls in Nagoya can learn a thing or two about handling their boyfriends from girls in Tokyo. Personally, I'd be willing to cover train fare for that whole uniform deal. As if I needed to say that.

One big problem they have in Japan is men who grope women they don't know on crowded commuter trains. They've even gone so far as to have women-only trains in some instances to combat the issue. We have NAMBLA, they have Tomo-no-Kai. Sure, groping isn't as bad as child molestation, but they're all a bunch of assholes. Also, it sounds like Arnold would fit right in with these people, if only he weren't an 8-foot tall Austrian motherfucker.

And finally, don't bother reading this one around mealtime (or maybe just not at all), unless of course if you're into good old-fashioned sado-masochism.

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