Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Speaking of the Cubs, if anyone saw last night's game or any highlights (and not to mention gives a shit), you are full well aware of the foul ball incident where a fan got in the way of Moises Alou catching a foul ball.

Here's a Chicago Tribune article on the guy involved in whole affair. As a warning, the Tribune requires registration for reading their articles.

Right after it happened, I was fucking pissed at that guy. Even now, I really, really want to hate him. But I just can't. Thinking of him with his headphones and Cubs sweatshirt on, totally expressionless and motionless, just makes me want to cry because I know that guy felt worse than just about any other person alive at that moment. I'm sure those feelings haven't changed.

Yes, that guy fucked up, and helped screw us out of an out that we desperately needed. Still, he didn't force the Cubs' pitching staff to completely fall apart, allowing run after run in an 8-run inning. He didn't make Alex Gonzalez mishandle a routine grounder that would have given us another crucial out. He didn't silence the Cubs offense, which had two more innings to try and win back the game.

I obviously want the Cubs to win tonight because I'm a Cubs fan, but I also want them to win for that fan. If the Cubs lose tonight, I would seriously fear for that guy's life, because, well, it's Chicago. And the Cubs. No matter what, he will always be remembered as the one who beat us in game 6, despite the fact that the Cubs beat themselves in game 6. If the Cubs lose tonight, he will be blamed for keeping us out of the series.

Well, here's the deal. If the Cubs can't recover from interference by one fan, then how the fuck are they going to beat the Yankees?

Please, Chicago, win that goddamn game tonight. I guarantee you that fan wants it as desperately as the rest of us do. Even though that guy's actions fucked us up, he still deserves to see a Cubs victory tonight.

Cubs, please fucking win tonight, for this guy and for the rest of us. And regardless of the outcome, Chicago fans, please leave this guy alone. I can promise you he's already suffered enough.

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