Friday, October 24, 2003

These past couple of weeks have been fucking great for stand-up comedy.

A couple of weeks ago I saw Dave Attell, Lewis Black, and Mitch Hedberg perform as part of the "Comedy Central Live" tour. That was a fucking great show.

Last weekend, Robert Schimmel was in town. Lucky for me, Schimmel has been in town twice this year, and they've both been great shows. At this past weekend's, he was selling and autographing DVD copies of his HBO special Unprotected. That special is so goddamn funny that it nearly killed a friend of mine.

I am as yet to see him perform live, but Dane Cook's CD Harmful if Swallowed was re-released by Comedy Central just recently. Included with the re-release is a DVD which includes performances on Premium Blend and Comics Come Home, as well as an un-cut (well over an hour) and uncensored version of his Comedy Central Presents special. The DVD alone is worth the price, but the CD is fucking great on top of it. Dane Cook is a master of physical comedy, and watching any of his specials always has the potential to be yet another life-threatening comedy experience.

If you're not familiar with any of these comics, I suggest checking them out if you're able to get along with Fuck Everything, because these guys are actually funny.

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