Thursday, October 02, 2003

This here is just one reason as to why I could never be in the military. I simply could not do shit like this without at least questioning it.

The other reason why I couldn't be in the military, at least on the combat side of things, is because I'm a coward. I don't give a fuck what you have to say about that, I do not want to be coming home to my mother in a box, especially not for some bullshit war that we shouldn't be fighting. I'm just waiting for us to stir up some real shit, and for them to fire up a draft.

This is yet another thing that most likely makes me look "unpatriotic," which yet again, I don't give a shit about. I was thinking about this whole patriotism thing today, and how I'm not a "clasical" patriot. I think I've developed a new form of patriotsm, which I've come to call Quantum Patriotism. It's definitely less deterministic and more abstruse than the classical side, and it takes some more math to understand. However, it allows me to both hate and love this country at the same time without dissonance, so I'm happy with the system.

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