Friday, October 10, 2003

Why the fuck can't people just stick to their guns when they say something offensive? "Yeah, I said it. So what?" As if she meant it literally. And if she did, who fucking cares? God forbid anyone should make any kind of joke in this country.

Anyone with any kind of sense has said Britney Spears should be shot, and Ehrlich would have gotten bonus irony points for making this statement at a domestic violence conference had she not pussed out and apologized. It's perfect, because I'm sure we've all had some sort of Britney Spears DV fantasies. Maybe not fantasies about shooting her, but definitely ones where you at least give her the business end of a Bismarck.

I suppose I should cut Britney some slack due to the fact that she allowed herself to be whored out back when she was a teenager, and that pretty much makes my lolicon fantasyland look normal since I've got proof positive that everyone goes for that. I don't care; she should still be shot, and people need to quit being pussies and be willing to say so.

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