Monday, October 20, 2003

Yeah, so I know my railing on people who care about David Blaine's "pointless" endeavors is pretty hypocritical since everyone, myself especially, cares about stuff that lots of other people would consider pointless.

Now that I'm being a bit more rational, one of the reasons I take issue with this stupid crap from Blaine stems from my hatred of our obsession with celebrity. I just don't see why someone else's life is so fascinating and important, especially when that life is lived in such a vapid, crass, and arrogant manner. That shitty life is for some reason more important just because of fame. I really do feel like peoples' lives must be empty if they're worrying about Kobe, or Ben Asslick & Jennifer Lopez, or whatever in the fuck else is going on with famous stars.

Sure, gossip and scandal can be interesting. But none of it is that interesting.

Anyone who has paid any attention to athletes, or movie stars, or pop musicians, or even illusionists like my friend David Fucking Blaine should be able to tell that these people are not the highest echelon that humanity has to offer. So, again, why the fuck to we care?

I'm sure lots of it is just because these people are rich, and famous, and those are things that so many people aspire to be. People look up to them. It's easy to be interested in these people, because we know that they're never going to make us feel stupid since they're clearly bottom-feeders. In fact, since they tend fuck up so much, it actually makes us feel better about our simple, mostly boring lives. Sure, we have to deal with shitty jobs and shitty people, but at least we didn't get caught being blown by a transvestite (or was it transsexual?) hooker when we could have been at home fucking Elizabeth Hurley.

The main reason, though, is just because we need to be entertained. Since we do have those shitty jobs and all that other crap to deal with, we need some sort of escape. I just wish we could latch on to more escapes that didn't allow Hollywood types to think that they're special and important, because they're not.

It's coming from a self-admitted arrogant and closed-minded standpoint, but investing too much in shit (yes, sports included) like this is just such a waste of time and energy. In the end, though, I guess it's up to the individual to decide what does and does not entertain them.

But if you're entertained by some stupid asshole who starves himself on purpose, you're still a fucking idiot.

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