Friday, November 28, 2003

As predicted, I've been getting a handful of hits thanks to my mention of the Paris Hilton XXX tape. While I'm talking about Google-based hits, I realize that I have not once used the word "hentai" in this 'blog. I'm not sure why, but I apparently haven't. Okay, well, now I have. That's bound to bring in as yet even more fucked up shit.

Speaking of fucked up shit, I have been getting a bunch of Google search hits for all sorts of way, way out there stuff as of late. Not like this is a new concept, of course, but we have been seeing some searches that we haven't seen before. We're getting all the beyond hard-core fetishes - incest, bestiality, amputation. Sounds like Rick Santorum has been busy.

As always, I am beyond proud of some of the visitors I get here, and knowing that what they're looking for is a reflection on the quality of my topics and my writing.

Speaking of man-on-dog enthusiast Rick Santorum (with all due respect to Al Franken), here's a neat little tidbit that comes courtesy of Dan Savage, who writes the Savage Love sex advice column. Apparently, he's helped coin a new phrase - "santorum." What it refers to in SavageSpeak is the frothy mixture of cum, lube, and feces that you have after anal sex. "Frothy." Hey, don't look at me, I didn't make this shit up. I'm just passing it on.

Oh, and just be glad I decided to mention this today, and not yesterday after some of you were sitting down after a nice Thanksgiving meal. Hmmm, there are some cream-filled chocolate-glazed long johns sitting in the dining room... Why do I have a sudden craving for them?

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