Wednesday, November 05, 2003

As promised, I'm here to send out big ups to fellow 'bloggers who have linked to the wasteland that is Fuck Everything.

First we have The Taxman who has a cool site name and, I could be wrong about this, likes sports.

Next is Tales of a Griffon savant. I just love this line in his colophon: "It is my sincerest intention that this website looks like shit in InternetExplorer 5.x since that particular line of browsers do not support common web standards that all other browsers adhere to." Preach on, brother.

Finally this morning is Lucky Upon browsing this site, I saw some mention of Church, and not in the horribly derogatory manner as one would be accustomed to here. As such, I was kinda puzzled by the presence of a link to Fuck Everything, or at least a link that isn't in flaming red and says SINNER!!!!. Of course, not everyone is an asshole like me, and I'm certainly not complaining that my pathetic site has gotten recognition. Upon reading some more, I found that the 'blogmaster, Andrea, has an affinity for curling, which is so fucking cool that I can't even begin to describe.

I'm not being sarcastic, either. Curling is fucking awesome. I was totally getting into it when the Olympics were on last year. I was especially stoked upon hearing that one of the teams (I think it was Finland) was captained by this math whiz who could do a Rubik's cube in 27 seconds. That is bad fucking ass. Finally, a sport that people with math skills can excel at. That's something I'd like to get into.

In fact, a friend of mine and I were totally going to get into curling. But like the 843 other great ideas we've come up with during the 10+ years we've been friends, we never did shit about it. Yes, 843. Probably 5 to 6 of those ideas were to start a pay porn site, which obviously never happened. Oh, and then there was when we were freshmen in college, and we were totally convinced that we could bust out "the college guy card" and easily get with some high school chicks. How this worked was we were going to start going up to high school girls and say "we're in college," and they would immediately be on their knees and going to town.

Of course, we were totally full of shit, so it's just as well we had next to no social life and never tried this idea out. Now, this friend is dead married. And me? I'm still fantasizing about high schoolers, because I... Am a sexual predator. Fuck.

Oh, and as for the dead/married comment, I kid the wife. I really do like 'er (unlike some people's wives I could name...), and I don't want my throat slit. You got Noir disc 7, right?

Ooooooo-kay, so it's been a fucked up couple of weeks for me, and I think it's really starting to show, so I'll be going now. I'm sure the fine 'bloggers mentioned above were not expecting this when they linked to me. So, sorry about that, and thanks.

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