Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I didn't read this, because I didn't need to. Gideon, or that Asian girl, or what the fuck's his name (Sway?), don't know shit about shit. Fuck, I haven't watched that assfest in so long that I don't know if those stupid fuckers are even still doing the "news" or not, but I don't care. No one from MTV should be telling anyone about anything at any time. Except maybe Loder. Mainly because Kurt Scroter is about a hundred years old. Or at least he's older than everyone else on that network by at least 40 years. Is he still on MTV? Is he even still alive?

Rock the vote? How many of your viewers can even spell "vote," MTV?

MTV, please put your people to sleep, and just go back to playing whatever total bullshit you're playing nowadays, and quit trying to do anything important, because you can't.

Of course, all this is to say nothing of the fact that CNN for some reason is actually talking to MTV assrammers. Why don't you fuckers come talk to me? I'm not cute or famous (I don't think Gideon's all that cute, either, for that matter), but I guarantee you I know more than anyone at MTV.

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