Tuesday, November 25, 2003

In an "announcement" sure to disappoint all five of you, the level of posts will probably slow to a trickle if not drop off entirely over the next few days. Not like anyone will notice, since both the number and quality of posts have really declined in the past few weeks. On the quality front, that's pretty fucking sad for a site that started at a very low level of what would hardly be called quality.

Anyway, for all two of you who are curious, I'll be out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, so there's my excuse if I don't update this 'blog. While I'm out of town I'll have 'net access so that I can still read Matt's comments, and so maybe I'll post a nugget or two. But please, try not to kill yourself if I don't post anything at all.

I probably won't be all that into posting, though, since most of tomorrow will be sucked up by an 11-12 hour drive. Then of course, on Thursday, is Thanks-fucking-giving. I will most likely be doing what Americans do best - stuffing food inside of other food and then drowning myself in it.

Speaking of drowning, the next couple of days after T-day will be spent immersed in a consumerism bukkake. We've been training hard for this all year long, and we made it through the regular season (summer) pretty well. Now it's playoff time, and we'll see if that hard work pays off.

Oh, and I probably won't be doing any Xmas shopping - I'm out shopping for number one! And no, not for Will Riker. Although it wouldn't be the first time I've been called Scrooge (go figure; I even played the lead role in A Christmas Carol in a 7th grade play), you can relax. I'm not that big of a fucking hardass and I will eventually get around to buying the handful of people who for some reason put up with me some nice gifts. In a couple of weeks. That's how I am with Christmas shopping: it's all about procrastination and efficiency.

Anyway, yeah. Happy fucking Thanksgiving to all you celebrating it, and happy rest of the regular ol' shitty week to the rest of you who are not. Sorry, that wasn't meant to sound so assholish. If it helps, I'll try to not have too good of a time. I'll keep myself in check by reflecting on all the horrible atrocities perpetuated against Native Americans around the time of the first Thanksgiving, and I will be plenty pissed off when I'm out shopping and surrounded by nothing but dumbasses.

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