Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I've known about this Evangelion disc for awhile, but I think this is the first street date I've heard. I'm just wondering if/when we're going to get an American version of that ultra-expensive "Revival" box set that was released in Japan this summer. I mean, really, can we just skip straight to the heavy spending and dispense with all the finger-fucking already?

You know, if I hear Shinji referred to as a "reluctant hero" one more fucking time...

And don't get me started on that fucking live action Eva bullshit. I think this one Slashfucker put it best when Assdot initially covered the live action nonsense:

I agree on so many lives. Live action EVA is bad, wrong, and stupid. Are they going to have a tall, busty Japanese woman playing Misato? Are they going to have fourteen-year-olds in skin-tight vinyl? Are they going to have a penguin? Are they going to have lots of Rei clones? Are they going to invoke the wrath of the Christian right with the decidedly mangled Christian imagery in Evangelion? Is Misato going to die in the second reel? How about Touji? Is Gendou going to cheat on his cute pregnant wife (who will almost have to be played by the same actress as the various Reis) with Ritsuko and her mom? Will Shinji be allowed to oedipally fantasize about all the-- again, fourteen year old-- girls on the cast?

Unless the scriptwriter, director, and producer are willing to portray this story in all its gory beauty, they shouldn't even bother. I can't see them doing *HALF* of the things I listed above, and you really need *ALL* of them to get the story right.

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