Friday, November 07, 2003

One area where the Democrats have shown balls, something they're not used to doing, is with filibustering some of Bush's judicial nominees. It looks as if they may be poised to do it again.

The Republicans have no problem with filibustering when they can use it to their advantage but they cry foul when it's used against them, and now they're trying to change the rules. Naturally, anytime someone goes against them, the opposition is being "unconstitutional" or "unpatriotic." FUCK YOU, ASSHOLES.

This notion that the Democrats are being abusive is fucking nonsense - it's not like they're filibustering every bloody thing and completely deadlocking the Senate. No, they're using the only tool they have left to try and keep some of the more far-right nominees off of the bench. This is important shit, too, and for once I actually have to applaud the Democrats who have decided to man up and actually fight the Administration.

This, of course, is pretty much what the Republicans do anytime they can't get their way - they go into whiny crybaby mode and try and change the rules. They did the same thing in Texas - I can't remember exactly what rule it was they changed, but the Republicans changed something which allowed the redistricting to go through. I think originally, you needed a two-thirds majority to get a redistricting plan to go through, but the governor or lieutenant governor had it changed so that they only needed a simple majority. Hence, all the special sessions and all the running away by the Democrats in the Texas senate.

The fact that Republicans have to have their way with every single thing is yet another dangerous pattern, and it's scary. Single-party state - we're on our way.

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