Wednesday, November 19, 2003

One thing that died a fairly quick death here was the W^4, the weekly roundup of translated Japanese tabloid stories coming our way via the Mainichi Shimbun. Part of the reason was because I had been reading these tabloid stories for awhile when I started doing the weekly post, and as such, was already pretty jaded. Stories of schoolgirl prostitutes and train gropers were still fucked up, but definitely had a "been there, read that" feel to them.

I thought about continuing with it anyway, if nothing else for new readers who still had an idyllic view of Japanese society. Of course, this is coming from their tabloids, so it's not as if it's any more indicative of Japanese society as a whole than the Enquirer is here (wait a minute...). Still, it's fun to get a glimpse of the fucked up side of a society that clashes with a lot of preconceived notions of that we have here, and thought some people may find it interesting and/or amusing.

This is also nothing against the Japanese. I've developed an obvious fascination with Japan. In trying to learn their history, their culture, and their language, it's also fun to get a look at the fucked up side of their society. Let's face it; all cultures have a dark side to them, and it can be fun to explore.

I noticed that some other 'bloggers have even started linking MDN WaiWai stories, and so I thought I'd resurrect the W^4. I doubt I'll be motivated enough to do it weekly, but we'll try and bust it out every now and then. So, here we go.

Just to drive home some of that "fucked up" point...

Can a straight guy still get married if he uses one of these?

Don't read this one too close to dinner, or if you're planning on ever having sex again.

And finally, the headline of the week.

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