Wednesday, November 05, 2003

RedHat is bringing an end to its free Linux distro and instead focus on its enterprise solution.

Well, the free distro is sorta ending. From what I gather, the successor will be the Fedora Project, whose development is being backed by RedHat. However, RedHat will no longer be offering support (tech support, RedHat Network, etc.) for the free distro as it did before. My guess, though, is that things will be rather similar to the RedHat so many of us have gotten used to. Something new to check out next week once I (hopefully) have a chance to download the ISOs.

That's fine by me, since I've never paid RH for support. I guess the question now is whether or no to use this as an opportunity to fuck around with some other distros. I've wanted to take serious looks at Debian and Gentoo. I experimented with both at one point, but their installers were a big enough pain in the ass that it wasn't long before I got to the "I don't care enough" point. Also, I've heard some good things about Suse over the years. And of course, I'll most likely be test-driving what Fedora has to offer.

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