Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Since I'm (sigh) blogging, might as well do something else I've done a lot of bullshitting about. Yup, time for the W^4.

So, now it's not size, it's not girth, it's the bump? God fucking damn it, will you women just make up your minds? I've got nothing to offer in terms of any of the three criteria, but it'd at least be nice to see some consistency from you ladies (yeah, I know, lots of luck on that front). This also might have been the Headline of the Week, but I'm just not fucking sure.

Ahhhh, the sweet smell of capitalism.

Another dose of interesting, er, trends in Japanese society. Welcome to the world of Gothic Lolita.

Might wanna avoid this next one near mealtimes, or avoid alltogether. Yeah, I'm sure you're right, and it's just all that ejaculating. Also, this may be the first time the phrase "too much fellatio" has ever made sort of sense to men.

As always, we close with the Headline of the Week, which is neatly packaged with and most awful story of the week.

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