Tuesday, November 18, 2003

So let's see what conservatives do to (try and) fuck this up.

Here's a big hearty fuck you to all you conservative assholes. This whole issue shows what a bunch of hypocritical dicks you are. You preach freedom, yet push for things like Constitutional amendments to unreasonably restrict the freedoms of others. Let me repeat that in a slightly different light: you want something added to the Constitution, at the core of which is (theoretically) liberty, something that goes against the very spirit of the Constitution.

Oh, and don't give me that nonsense that (whiny sissy voice) "we're defending the institution of marriage." Bullshit. You don't like homosexuals, plain and simple. As a result, you act out. And you know what? You're bad people for it. You're asshole pricks who are so afraid of anything even remotely different from your lame, white lives that you overreact to anything that doesn't fit into your boring paradigm for everything.

The key there is overreact. I don't give a shit if you're not into homosexuality; that's your right. If you're a guy who isn't down with homosexuality, then just don't take it up the ass from another guy. Or if you're a woman, don't go chowing down on box. Either way, just leave these people alone. Even if they can get married, that doesn't nullify your marriage. That doesn't keep you, or your children, or any other lame-asses from being miserable in marriage as well. Allowing gays to exercise the freedom to get married does not prevent you from exercising the same freedoms. All it does is impinge upon your ignorant religious ideals, and that is not good enough grounds for denying them the right to get married.

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