Saturday, November 22, 2003


Not surprisingly, it took virtually no time at all for me to hit the 1 Gigabyte cap on newsgroup downloads. Actually, I managed to go a full third of a Gig past the cap, so now I'm fucked for the rest of the month and also fucked for next month, since that 1/3 gig will come out of next month's quota.

I just realized something. When I initially got the newsgroups thing going, they said something to the effect that if you went over the 1 Gig quota, your current download would complete, and simply come out of next month's cap. However, I went around 333 MB over cap, which is obviously multiple downloads, and there was no stoppage. So maybe it allows you to go over, so long as you're connected to the server. Once you're off, if you try and reconnect, it'll probably say "Nope, try again next month."

In theory, it seems like I could just stay logged in and download all the pr0n I wanted. Probably not, though. Still, this is totally like that episide of Friends where Joey and Chandler wouldn't turn on the PPV porn channel because they were afraid that if they did, it wouldn't come back on.

Anyway, this means that it's back to trolling websites for my porn fix. I managed to come across a decent Asian thumbs site, and it's located here. Also, in one of the 'blog search engines, I listed "porn" as a keyword for this site, so this will help me not feel too guilty about the hits I get thanks to that.

Oh, and for anyone not versed in the empirical porno sciences, "thumbs" is short for "thumbnails," and I do not have some creepy amputated thumb fetish. Remember, I have the creepy teen and sailor school uniform fetishes. Just wanted to keep that straight.

Oh, and fuck. I'm hoping that everyone at least knows what a "thumbnail" is in the WWW context, and that no one is thinking I have a weird fetish for women's thumbnails. If I'm going to be damned as a deviant, I'm going to be damned for the deviant I really am.

Again, just ignore most of this shit, because that's the booze talking. I need to get some help.

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