Sunday, November 16, 2003

You know, the bullshit obsession we have with death and our dead bodies is stupid. Organ donations really should not be so rare.

We are so bloody shortsighted. I mean, c'mon. Exactly how in the fuck are you going care what happens to your body and its organs after you die? How the hell are you gonna even know? Fine, if there's an afterlife, you'll know. But will it really matter once you've cast off this mortal coil?

Of course it won't. But we're so terrified of death that we just can't handle things like commiting to donating our organs after we die. Death is only hard on the living.

Despite how needlessly selfish we are and how much it pisses me off, I've always been hesitant to sign the back of the driver's license. Mainly because of that whole paranoia bullshit. As Carlin put it "Hey Bob, don't bother saving this one. This man's a donor!" And yeah, there's all that other black market shit and whatnot. Odds are, that really is all bullshit.

So I decided it's time to man up. I signed the donor card. Here's a note to family and friends: if I die (and I'm not planning on this happening anytime soon, sorry), let them take whatever they can, and just burn the rest. I'm not going to give a shit, because I'll be fucking dead.

I just know that I'm gonna die now that I've done and said this. Fuck.

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