Monday, December 08, 2003

AOL search:

Why Hotties Choose Losers

This person is just confused.

First off, hotties don't choose losers. If they did, then I would be able to count all mah bitches on more than zero hands. I think more of what they were looking for is "why hotties choose assholes," which is a more common query. However, that one is total bullshit as well, because hotties don't necessarily choose assholes. If they did, I'd at least have a statistical chance of being able to use those hands for countin' instead of just for strokin' it.

I guess they didn't really specify what these hotties are choosing those losers for, and there's nothing to say that they aren't equating assholes with losers. I suppose they could have been asking something entirely different, like why hotties choose losers to marginalize, ignore, taunt, and make cry. Or maybe those are just the kind of things I wonder about.

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