Monday, December 15, 2003

As far as Google searches go, this is a new one:

he-man and the castle of grayskull porn

What is with all this 80s cartoon themed porn? What the fuck kind of childhoods did these people guys have, anyway? Was He-Man a real person, and once his cartoon run ended he decided to get into the adult film industry? Is there some fucked up Inspector Gadget doujinshi (er, I guess that's not really an appropriate term, but you know what I mean) out there? And are those Thundercats porn people really just closeted bestiality fans who just can't come to grips with their fetish?

I mean, there's hentai, and then there's taking Saturday morning and turning it into an orgy. I'm still wondering what these people are expecting to find. Maybe there actually is something to find out there, and if that's the case, I'd rather stay in the dark. If there really are pictures of "penny getting fucked by gadget," I don't wanna goddamn know about it, OK? So just keep it to yourself.

What's next? "GI Joe Destro anally raping Scarlet" or something like that? Well, now that I've mentioned GI Joe and anal rape in the same sentence, probably.

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