Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Did anyone hear the story about the woman who was trampled at a Wal-Mart this past Friday? Yeah, she was going for a pile of $30 DVD players, but there was such a mad rush that this woman got knocked down and took a blow to the head. She ended up hospitalized after the blow lead to her having seizures.

I was reading a quick blurb about this in the paper, and of course they had a comment that Wal-Mart was very sorry about the whole affair. Also, Wal-Mart offered to put a DVD player on hold for her.

It's not like we don't know Wal-Mart is a big asshole fuckhead corporation who would rollback prices on human slaves for the holidays if indeed they could get away with selling slaves. Still, for a company that had record-breaking sales this past weekend to offer to place on hold instead of just fucking giving a bloody $30 DVD player to someone who had seizures as a result of visiting their store is just a stunningly new low.

I know that I feel like having seizures every goddamn time I shop at Wal-Mart, but it hasn't yet happened. If I did have a seizure, the least those cocksuckers could do is give me a break on something that costs a mere $30.

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