Saturday, December 27, 2003

DOW 'Blog 10,000

Last night, Fuck everything received its 10,000th hit since I started tracking stats in late August. As an added bonus, we recently passed our 500th comment. Undoubtedly this is yet another sign that the economy is improving the world is being FedExed to hell.

Granted, if you take out the hits that are me, my personal friends who read this in lieu of talking to me, people looking for 80s cartoon porn, and pedophiles, you're left with about three dozen legitimate hits. Also, if you throw out Matt's comments, that leaves 10 or so comments from others.

Regardless, this is a still a nice pair of milestones to hit. Thanks to everyone for their support... I'm not really sure why you bother with this site, but I'm glad 'ya do.

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