Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Fuck Laura Bush. I wanna throw up every time that woman opens her mouth. Hell, I wanna throw up before she even opens it.

One thing I continually get sick and tired of is high-ranking officials or people like Laura Bush saying shit like "It's really a difficult time, but it's also a very, very challenging time for our country. And Americans are strong." The people aren't at risk to lose any family members or any shit because of the war. They have NO FUCKING CLUE as to how difficult a time this is. The people and families who are being directly effected by this fucking war are the ones who have a good idea as to how difficult this is. Meanwhile, it's easy for Bush or whoever to make pompous, empty statements like this, which are made even more empty when we consider that they're responsible for this fucking mess.

If casualties are so "wrenching," then maybe your husband and his people would have thought twice before getting us involved in wars just for their own personal gain. But they won't, because they could give less than a shit about the lives they're endangering.

Oh, and I loved this statement: "... the president didn't want to jeopardize the lives of anyone to be able to do this." Yeah, he doesn't want to jeapordize anyone's lives to pull off a small political stunt. But he's more than willing to risk the lives of thousands of soldiers for one big political stunt? Fuck you, fuck your husband, and fuck everyone, come to think of it.

Yet another statement that I enjoyed: "... they also blame us for a lot of things that really aren't our fault." Yes, bitch, and they also blame us for a lot of shit that is our fault. I am so sick and tired of people acting like we're never complicit in ANYTHING just because we're the United States. Are we the only asshole country out there who is run by corporate money and ugly politics that runs around the globe fucking with people? Of course not. But that doesn't mean that we aren't often guilty of all this shit, and that we're not the best at it. It's time to fucking own up to that shit, otherwise there's no hope at all for improvement.

While we're on the subject of Bush's Thanksgiving trip, can everyone get off that now? Jesus fucking Christ. Like I said, it was a political stunt, plain and simple. Why is it such a big deal that they kept it a secret? It's the fucking U.S. government. Do you realize how much shit they must keep secret from us? Of course you don't, because it's fucking secret, and they're good at keeping those. Those secrets, the "unknown unknowns" as Rummy would say, concern me way more than one shitty trip designed to boost Bush's numbers.

I will give Bush credit for one thing on that trip, though. The shots of him getting choked up on the podium and talking with the troops is about as honest and natural as I've ever seen that guy act. "Act" may be a key word, and that's probably as good as it will ever get.

Fuck, did I just compliment the guy? Hey, you can't say that Fe isn't fair and balanced. Wait, yes you can.

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