Saturday, December 27, 2003

God damn it. This guy takes PayPal. I'd be in danger except for the fact that this guy sounds like a fucking moron, and possibly a liar. He says "minor shelf wear," and "no corner dings." Sorry, "NO CORNER DINGS." As yet, the top edge of the back of the box looks fucked up in that second picture, but it is kinda hard to tell since it's a shitty fucking picture.

God fucking damn it, we've had the net for several years now. When will people learn that capitalizing that much shit in a post like that is unacceptable?

Also on the Fort Max hunt, here's another one. A feedback rating of "2" is fucking kryptonite to me, though, especially for an item that could easily get up there in price.

Shit. There have been three auctions for a sealed For Max this past week. So far, they haven't gotten me to bite. It's only a matter of time, though, before someone with lots of perfect, glowing feedback shows up who takes PayPal and has a "reasonable" Buy it Now.

Unlike Fort Max, I actually had Metroplex as a kid, and while not as big (the toy version, at least), the 'Plex was bad ass.

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