Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Here's the most irritating spam of the day:

Find Christian singles in your city!

Yeah, I'd like to find Christian singles in my city, alright. And then they're in big fucking trouble.

A little note to the sender of this spam, BigChurch.com: keep spamming me, and you're going to fucking be BurnedDownChurch.com.

Quote from a member on their front page:

"I met Christopher on Bigchurch.com and knew God was in our relationship. Chris is such an amazing blessing in my life. Thanks BigChurch!!"

God is in your relationship? What kind of fucking pervert is your god, anyway? Besides, I thought he was against polygamy. Or at least not into three ways.

Wait, I take that back! God is totally into three-ways - what the fuck did you think the "holy trinity" was all about?

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