Thursday, December 25, 2003

It's Christmas. Woo hoo. Or, as ETP has been calling it, "Thursday."

Several years back, ETP and I realized what total bullshit it is that he and I celebrate Christmas, seeing as how decidedly non-Christian we are. Sure, we don't go to Christmas Eve mass or even believe in any of that nonsense, but we do still accept presents and partake in non-religious Christmas activities. Of course, there's the fact that the holiday has become so commercialized and so ubiquitous that it's almost not a Christian holiday anymore - it's just been kinda hijacked by lots of people with lots of different agendas. But the fact of the matter remains that, yes, the root of this day is good ol' JC.

You can take the "Christ" out of Christmas and just call it X-mas. That sorta works, but still didn't seem quite good enough to us. So, we decided to start calling the holiday "Hypocrite Day," since our basic attitude is "Fuck Jesus, Merry Christmas." We're exploiting something we don't even believe in just so that we can get presents out of it.

Okay, we don't just care about the presents, but let's face it, that's the best part. Yes, I really do enjoy spending time with my family, and the food's good. But how many other days are there out there where you get gifts for no good reason other than someone got pinned to a couple 2x4s?

Yes, yes, I know - not everyone is fortunate enough to even get presents. I'm lucky, yada yada. I get it. Don't test me, ok? My holiday cheer may start to wear thin.

So anyway, happy whatever the hell it is you celebrate today, even if today is merely "Thursday."

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