Sunday, December 21, 2003

Not like we needed it, but here's another reminder as to how fucking stupid Americans are.

"This poll and other surveys show that as the courts have extended legal rights to gays this year, Americans have become increasingly uncomfortable with same-sex relations." Yeah, of course they've become "increasingly uncomfortable." That's because we're soft, frightened, ignorant little children who get squeamish about anything that might possibly differ from our boring, shitty lives. Oh, or we get scared because God supposedly told us to.

Furthermore, we're uncomfortable because we're being forced to actually face these issues. We're okay as long as we can ignore things and live in denial, but we throw a hissy fit when we have to actually answer some tough questions and tackle the hard issues. God for-fucking-bid we should ever be forced to think about anything or maybe even grow as human beings.

What a bunch of fucking hypocrites, too. Like I said a couple of weeks ago - people cheer and applaud shows like Wil and Grace and Queer Eye, but the second homosexuality becomes more than a fictional character, they get pissed and start calling for constitutional amendments.

It just nauseates me to hear quotes like the ones from that article. It nauseates me further because I know that there are so many more people out there who actually believe that garbage.

Speaking of quotes from the article, though, that last one really sums things up nicely, for me at least. Even if you're not gay, or even if you flat out disapprove of homosexuality, what is harmed by allowing them the rights so many others enjoy? There is no harm. It just threatens your ignorant beliefs and tells you that you are wrong.

You go ahead, you stupid fuckers. You push for that constitutional amendment. I just wish that one time you could look in the mirror and realize that you are shitting all over the principles that this country was founded upon. Created equal, indeed.

Look, I know that a constitutional amendment has a very slim chance of ever actually happening. There's a reason why the process is so long and arduous. Regardless, I'm still livid that the idea is even on the table, nonetheless receiving such active consideration.

I'm also gonna renew my call for the destruction of organized religion. Yeah, you're goddamn right I'm being intolerant. Intolerant of something that is beyond dangerous.

I have no coherent close to this already incoherent rant, so in lieu of that here's a big FUCK YOU to mainstream America.

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