Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Not surprisingly, the Sailor Schoolgirl 'blog is having issues yet again. Even though it hasn't gotten that many hits since I updated, I'm already over the bandwidth cap for the day on the image hosting servers. I suppose posting four new girls was not a great idea.

So, this leaves me with a few options:
  1. Just continue with what I'm doing, since traffic probably is going to die down back to nearly nothing anyway.
  2. Actually use that stupid Angelfire account, or start a new one, and actually build a site with decent thumbnail galleries and shit.
  3. Take advantage of the webspace Comcast gives me to build a site.
  4. Punt on the idea, because A) no one cares, B) it does nothing but kill time that I could put to use downloading more sailor schoolgirls for myself, and C) the site is just going to be used against me in my trial.

The problem with the middle two is that if I actually tried building a site, my OCD might finally kick in and I'd start spending waaaay to much time tweaking HTML and any other related shit. I'd kinda rather not do that because, even though I have the technical capability, any programming or programming-type activities just piss me off because they're so fucking lame.

I should probably just give up, but I was thinking that after like 8 years of leeching pr0n off of people online, maybe it was time to give something back. Like I said above, really, all it does is waste my time, and it doesn't exactly benefit me. Plus, it just takes away time from downloading other, new pr0n. But it's not like I don't have more web porn than I have time to jerk off to.

Another reason why I started the 'blog was because I had a thing for schoolgirl uniforms well before the whole Japanese fetish. And, as was pointed out by a female friend of mine, that seems to be near universal with guys. Despite the fondness so many guys have for school uniforms, you can't find fucking shit out there. Believe me, I've tried. How bloody hard is it to get a model into a plaid skirt, knee-highs, and a button up blouse? Pretty goddamn hard, apparently. Maybe there's some decent pay sites that have just what I've been looking for, but the only ones I've found have been sketchy at best. Plus, I try to avoid paying for shit whenever I can. As such, the Japanese stuff was perfect, because the Japanese are sick to the point where they don't fuck around when it comes to that genre. Finally, a group of people who are more fucked up than me.

So I'm like, yeah, I'm helping to promote something that I know there has to be a demand for but just doesn't seem as big as it could be here. I suppose there are reasons for that, though, mainly because we're so bloody uptight about sex here. In some ways I can understand, since school uniform implies schoolgirl, and we're not real comfortable with sexualizing, well, anything, but women under 40 in particular. Believe it or not, though, I don't need the uniform to be on an actual schoolgirl, I just like the bloody outfits. I suspect other guys are the same way. Still, I suppose there connotation of youth is always carried even if the uniform is on someone who's well beyond school age. I'm getting off track here - this is definitely another rant for another time.

Anyway, what's the end result of trying to popularize something that's already popular but not really "out there"? Say that a site I set up gets really popular. You know that if the sailor uniform thing caught on us Americans would just fuck it up and ruin the fetish for me. Because, let's face it, American porn is lame.

This isn't to say that I don't partake in watching or looking at American porn on, um, occasion. But it really is just the same lame, rehashed crap. Watch any porn movie, and it's always "guy fucks chick missionary, chick sucks guy's dick, guy fucks chick doggy style, guy drops unimpressively small load on chick's stomach." Oh, and stop with this blondes with big tits bullshit. Some of them are hot, most of them aren't. Period.

We can't do fetishes for shit, either. I've mentioned my foot fetish before, and this is frustrating to no end. I'll find sites that are foot and leg fetish-oriented, but so much of it seems to be things like women stepping on men's faces and crap like that. I don't want to see that. All you need to do is get some hot women running around barefoot while actually taking pictures that show off said bare feet to keep me happy. But oh no, they've got to do all this wacky shit because it's a fetish. Of course, I'm sure lots of guys go for the wacky, and I'm on my own here.

I'm probably also just not looking in the right places. But JFK, where the fuck do I need to be looking that I haven't hit with the hours upon hours I've wasted online?

That's right - we need to go overseas. Because as a friend pointed out, we make porn, but not really erotica. Nothing that's really interesting beyond the stroke factor. Europe, Asia, etc. seem to have some stuff that's at least different. Yeah, some shit (pun intended) that's too extreme for even me, but hey, I don't have to look at any of that if I don't want to. But maybe like usual, I'm just being a stupid fundamentalist, because after all, the main point is the stroke factor. I guess it'd just be nice to switch things up a bit.

Really, I'm not asking for much. More of the school uniform thing. Better, less creepy foot fetish stuff. Something other than women with bad tit jobs and shitty dye jobs. Oh yeah, and more women masturbating. As the old maxim goes, you just can't beat a chick playing with herself. Definitely need to see more of that.

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