Monday, December 29, 2003

Okay, here's a new one:

real woman for yuna of final fantasy x-2 sex

Okay, my best guess is that this guy is looking for women to dress up as Yuna from FF: The Adventures of Yuna in North America so that he can proceed to have sex with them. A laudable goal, I suppose. But if you're doing Yahoo searches for it, that's just sad. This coming from me.

Also, the qualifier "real" in that search is just too fucking funny.

Speaking of Yuna cosplayers, why the hell can't women like this show up at our con? You know what? Fuck the con, why can't women like this just show up in my life? I mean, anyone working on Yuna's wedding dress for her own wedding is seriously contending for "bigger dork than me" honors. Couple that with being hot, and that's just fucking neat. Although, for the record, I am no one's Tidus, because that guy's a fucking pussy. This coming from me.

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