Sunday, December 07, 2003

This was a fairly productive weekend. Of course, "productive" for me may not meet the standards of "productive" for others, but oh bloody well.

Friday night was mostly wasted getting my new hard disk partitioned and moving shit around. We were running dangerously low on porn and fansub space, but we should be all good now. Lebensraum is totally where it's at!

Lost my ass in a poker game last night. And by "ass" I'm only talking like $11, but that still fucks ass. So there's one less skin mag I can pick up off eBay this week. But it was good times, even with the childhood molestation. It wasn't quite Vegas fun, but, well, that's Vegas. At least I didn't lose as much as I normally do in Vegas, but let us not speak of that.

Lost some more shit on eBay. Soulless cocksuckers.

Managed to go out and get a haircut today. I fucking hate doing that, since it requires me to interact with not only people, but people who are strangers. At least that's over with for a month or two.

I decided to decorate for Christmas this year, which so far will only consist of the following:

That is, assuming they even ship in time to get here sometime reasonably soon before Christmas.

Oh, and I totally thought about finally ending my years long bullshitting about getting a tree. Maybe I actually will do that this week, but I'm not holding my breath.

Ever since I moved into the new place, I've spent virtually all of my time up in the loft. That's where the porn station computer is, in addition to being my general toy room. I moved one step closer to just completely living up here and not even bothering with the downstairs by purchasing a fulchon futon today.

In addition to the lovely futon, I also made good on another thing I've been bullshitting about: buying a display case to house, amongst other toys, The Girls. I'm sure the Girls would be thrilled, if not for the fact that they (much like Google) are bloody inanimate.

I even managed to do more non-Christmas shopping (i.e. shopping for myself), which only adds to the productivity of this week. Relax, I'll get that fucking Christmas shopping done one of these days, and most of it will actually get done before Christmas.

So, yup, that was my weekend. As if anyone gave a shit.

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