Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Yeah, but the real cruel and unusual punishment is actually making students eat that disgusting slop they call "food" in dorm cafeterias.

It's thanks to dorm food that I can't eat Top Ramen ever again. Ramen was a viable alternative to dorm food, which resulted in it being the majority of my meals which weren't sandwiches sophomore year. Yeah, I hit the cafeteria every now and then, which usually resulted in eating a burger which was dubious, but edible.

But holy Christ did my roommate and I eat a shitload of ramen. Mostly chicken flavor. We used to heat the noodles and water in these big plastic cups in the microwave, and my roommate informed me sometime after we moved out that he was never able to get that chicken broth scent out of those cups no matter how much he washed them.

Just to pass on another dorm food horror story, a friend supposedly saw crates of meat being delivered to the cafeteria one day. Stamped on the boxes was something like "Grade D Meat - For higher education and penitentiary use ONLY."


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