Friday, December 19, 2003

Yeah, Fuck Everything: The Book would be neat, but it's not gonna happen. Let's face it; this piece of shit is not WWDN, one of my inspirations for getting into this mess.

The combined effort idea is an interesting one, though, and it's something that I've thrown around in my head before. I've been wanting to get together a group of 'bloggers and do some sort of collaborative effort. Maybe call ourselves the "Coalition of the Mostly Willing" or something like that.

Since I keep going through brief phases where I just want to quit doing Fe entirely, I've considered starting a new 'blog instead, one that would be a collaborative effort that contained posts from lots of different 'bloggers. I'd keep Fe around and still remain the sole poster since despite how much I malign this piece of shit, it's still MY piece of shit, and I'm very territorial when it comes to my stuff. Shit (not literally) or otherwise. However, in addition, we'd have the other 'blog, which includes bullshit from me as well as bullshit from other people. This would allow me to maybe step back things at Fe when I'm going through those moods, but still feel like I'm contributing something.

This would require some coordination and communication with other people, so, yeah, we'll see how far that idea goes.

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