Friday, December 05, 2003

You know what term I've never fully understood when applied to alcohol? "Dry." "Yes, I do believe I'll have a dry vermouth." Yes, yes, I can recognize when something is "dry," but that really should be the last term anyone is using as a descriptor.

How the fuck can an alcoholic beverage be dry? I mean, by its very nature, anything you drink is wet. I've never gone to the liquor store and picked up some powdered vodka before. As soon as you can pick me up some dehydrated gin, then we'll talk "dry."

I think referring to alcohol as "dry" is just some bullshit that was completely made up by lame, rich, pretentious fucks so that they could seem hip, cool, and "with it." I also think that this is how the entire French language came into being.

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