Saturday, May 03, 2003

Ha ha ha! Guess what? Slashdot linked that story about the RIAA's anti-piracy efforts. But you know what? I got my link up first. Wooo hoo! Fuck you, Slashfuckers! I rule the net, with my, like, approximately two readers, to your millions! Eat me.

Seriously, though, "getting the scoop" or "exclusives" are bullshit, and always have been, since everyone else is going to have the story in like another five seconds anyway. But seriously, though, Slashdot sucks, and I kick ass.
Yup, we're never going to get serious campaign finanace reform.
If this doesn't piss you off, I don't know what will. The RIAA and the labels it represents shouldn't get to be judge, jury, and executioner. I dunno, could be wrong, but I thought we had this thing called "due process" in this country. Seems like we have a tenet of "innocent until proven guilty" laying around here somewhere that this shits all over, although maybe I have that backwards.
Just lots and lots of head shaking here. Jesus, the South is embarassing.

Oh, I also fixed the bird flu link from yesterday.

Friday, May 02, 2003

Wow, this is one scary bitch, isn't it? You know, there's a reason why the CIA has to go through the FBI for shit like this - domestic spying isn't the CIA's fucking job.
Holy shit, bird flu is real. Apparently it's referred to as avian flu, but Carlin wasn't just making it up. This bitch mentions it.

I don't know about this curttailing civil liberties business for containing disease outbreaks. I could go either way. I just get nervous these days when anyone starts talking about limiting civil liberties. It seems like a good idea when it comes to not spreading highly infectious diseases, though. And its not like with the PATRIOT act where its so prone to abuse. On the other hand, we don't really nead to be panicking like this, because it can easily get out of control. Why not just fight SARS with duct tape and plastic sheeting if it gets bad here?
God, get over it, you whiny bitch. I don't care about the immune deficiency, this is just a spoiled fucking kid right here.
Boy, it must be neat having your own bitch.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Where do I even start with this? I probably really don't need to, and this is a couple of weeks old, so you've probably heard about this.

Okay, I have to say something, because I'm sick of this "big tits" mentality in this country. Why are we so fucking shallow? You know what I say? Fuck big tits. Er, uh, nevermind.
I haven't gotten this desperate... Yet.
So a couple of hours ago, I set out to figure out this Israeli-Palestinian debate bullshit. Not surprisingly, I'm not there yet.

What sparked this quest for knowledge was reading this editorial by William Safire. Safire's an idiot. I read his colums from time to time partly to get a different perspective on things, and partly just to get pissed. I found myself agreeing with a lot of what he said, but the one-sidedness of the article reaffirmed my distaste for this guy.

I originally started a rant on how Safire's column was just indicitave of theis country's continual, unflagging support of white people, but it really wasn't going anywhere. As such, I decided to just go back to the roots of this train of thought, and focus on the Middle East.

Several days ago, I asserted that I'm pissed off at the Administration because it isn't doing enough to push the Middle East peace process forward. My reasoning was that the U.S. could wield its influence and actually bring about progress if it so desired.

The more and more I look at things, I think maybe we should stay out of things. When it comes to dealings in the Mid East, we don't exactly have street cred. The reason why is because we've always been William Safire - continually supporting the Jewish position while condemning the Palestinian position. Our condemnation may not be explicit, but implicit in things like delaying the unveiling of the roadmap at Ariel Sharon's behest. This, of course, isn't a new theme. Take for instance the three decades worth of Mid East peace-related vetoes by the U.S. in the U.N. security council, many of which were not exactly pro-Israel. Three fucking decades, dozens of vetoes, where we were the lone dissenter. And we have the gall to get pissed at France for one threatened veto?

I suppose my original stance holds, though, that the U.S. could do some good. It could do some good, as I said, by giving Sharon's government some "tough love". For once, don't take the side of the white people. More importantly, show the Arab world that we aren't continually on the side that they aren't. The problem is, this won't happen. From the moment Israel declared statehood in 1948, we have been on their side, and their side only.

The more and more I think about it, and the more and more I try and pick a side, the more and more I realize that picking a side is the whole fucking problem. This situation is such a mess that I don't know if it matters who is right or who is wrong. Just like with internet file sharing, everyone is wrong. Somebody just needs to stand up and say that this is fucked up, and start making some concessions.

The problem is that I know this is oversimplifying things. Sharon said a couple of weeks ago that he had finally realized that it was soon going to be time to make some "painful" concessions. That'd be great, if he actually followed through. The problem is, if Sharon's government started to yield, that would just piss off a lot of Jews. So, in the end, no one is happy. I don't know if you can even make enough people happy to make it worthwhile.

Okay, clearly, I don't know shit about shit, and this rant is unravelling just like the original U.S. and white people vs. the world entry that I deleted. But, dammit, at least I'm trying.
Well, these past few days have fucked ass. Being out of work sucks, even though I've pretty much only felt unemployed for about half an hour since I slept real late, one of the advantages of not working.

On top of that, it seems like its been a slow news week, but I've found a couple of things to piss me off.

The first is this. Okay, it's great that we're acting like we care about AIDS and Africa, and actually trying to do something. But then there's this stipulation that one third of the money goes to promote abstinence, with another cornerstone being the promotion of monogamy.

Where do I begin? Okay, look, I can understand the value of abstinence and monogamy in stemming the tide of AIDS. You don't fuck, you significantly decrease the chances of spreading AIDS. If you do fuck, but you only fuck one person, and they do the same, then you can help slow the spread to others.

That's all good and well in a happy world. The thing is, we don't live in a happy world, as evidenced by the fact that we have things like AIDS in the first place. Expecting people to be abstinent and monogamous is completely unrealistic. Of course, politicians don't care about being realistic, they're more interested in pushing our morals and values on others. They're not even trying to hide that fact - as evidenced by the comment from Joe Pitts.

Problems are never going to get solved when they're attacked from this fucking holier-than-thou stance of trying to make everyone fall in line with a group of people's stupid fucking moral agenda. Bottom line: if people want to fuck, they're going to fuck. For Christ's sake, let's just hope that when they do it, they do it using some protection.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Yet another sign that we don't get it. Um, couldn't you easily argue that democracy is "our form of government or our culture"?
Here's an interview with the producer, or chief developer, or whatever, of Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball. This gives you some insight as to the people behind all the Japanese shit we're addicted to.

On a side note, Tomonobu Itagaki makes mention of how showing young girls in manga, anime, games, and such is perfectly acceptable over there, since you're considered an adult at 16, at least by tradition. I'm telling, you, I am so fucking going to Japan - and never coming back.
Here's an amusing review of Final Fantasy X-2, or as I've been calling it, Final Fantasy: The Adventures of Yuna in North America (AKA Final Fantasy: The Book of Mormon). This link comes courtesy of Booty Project, which originally got the link from Penny Arcade.
So you may or may not have noticed an increase in the number of posts I've made in the past few days. This has been a preview of a new feature that I'll be introducing later this week - The Unemployment Blog. How will the new Fuck Everything differ from the blog you've come to read because you've nothing better to do? It pretty much won't - there'll just be more posts some days since I have more time to read the news since I won't have a fucking job.
Meanwhile, I have no doubts that they will get to the bottom of the problems surrounding September 11th real soon now.
Jesus Christ, I am fucking sick of all this tax cut bullshit. I must have said this like fifty times already, but I'm going to say it again. The last time Bush pushed for a tax cut, it didn't do shit to help the economy, which is still sagging like a pregnant 19 year-old's tits. So if the first round of tax cuts didn't help, what the fuck makes anyone think it will work this time?
Yay, progress. I sure hope that the new Palestinian Prime minister is a step forward, and the US gets is shit together with the fabled "roadmap" by actively getting involved with the Middle East peace process.

Now, this stance may seem somewhat contradictory, since I don't want us in Iraq. The thing is, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one where I think the US could make a significant, positive contribution. I think that if we gave Israel some tough love, we might be able to push them in the right direction without getting a little too involved.

I'm not holding my breath, though. I don't see how progress can be made when one side views the other's leader as the head of a terrorist organization, and the other side views its opposition's leader as a mass murderer. You would think that I'm talking about Arafat and Sharon, respectively, but I think depending on perspective, you could view me as talking about Sharon and Arafat, respectively. This is grossly oversimplifying things, but I think it's indicitave of a lot of things.
This kind of stuff just makes you want to cry. The really neat thing is, we're starting plenty of people down this path in Iraq right now.

Also, I get real nervous when people say that "Mistakes were made." That's exactly what the Catholic Church said after WWII, when asked as to why they did nothing to intervene in the Holocaust.
Another thing I get really pissed about is when our "leaders" try to legislate science and technology. These people are nothing but a bunch of old fuckheads who don't understand this shit. So how exactly are they supposed to be making laws on things they don't understand? Oh, that's right, they make laws based on who contributes to their reelection efforts, not knowledge and logic.

At the same time I get pissed about ignorant interference, I get pissed about things like this . Here, we have the other side of the spectrum, where the Supreme Court refuses to deal with technology-related issues.

We can't let people who don't know shit about shit keep making laws on this stuff, but at the same time, it can't just be ignored. In an increasingly online world, issues like this need to be dealt with, and dealt with in an approrpriate, rational, and educated manner. We really need more people in government who know about this stuff so they can actually do an effective job. Not just one person who has a token position like "technology czar", but a bunch of people who have their act together. Also, not some advisory panel, which is really just a lobbying arm for industry.

I think I've already mentioned my desire for my own state, one based on religious intolerace. I think this rant brings up a new idea for my new, as yet unformed, sovereign state. Our legislative branch will have a group of scientists and engineers who are actively involved in public policy. Maybe they'll even make up a full house in our parliament - I haven't decided yet. But either way, people will not be making decisions on stuff unless they know something about that stuff.
You know what I just likened this debate between the US and North Korea to? A pair of monkeys throwing shit at one another. Shit is just getting tossed back and forth, but nothing is really getting accomplished. Let's just hope one monkey doesn't get fed up and decide to throw a nuke, instead.
If the government seriously started going after evil fucking pharmaceutical companies, that would be neat. But I don't really see things like this going real far.
I think it's pretty much a rule that when you see an article about termite farts, you have to read it.
Reading the news this weekend, I thought that some big things finally arrived. Namely, that they finally found some chemical weapons, and that there was indeed a tie between Saddam's regime and Al-Qaeda.

Today, I wake up to this and this.

Okay, it's not like it seemed all that serious. After all, we've found plenty of chemicals before that turned out to be nothing, and from the sounds of it, people knew about the meetings between Saddam's government and Al-Qaeda. In the end, Osama fucking hates Saddam, so there wasn't much worry there.
Yay, reconstruction. Surprise, surprise, people are pissed off with the US building its puppet government. And who can blame them? We act like we're trying to be all nice about it, but then we do things like this. Maybe people are overreacting, since we know how scrupulous American businessmen are. Props to this Dan Amstutz guy, though - how often does someone get referred to as the Saddam Hussein of agriculture administration?

Also, you may have noticed that I really like the phrase "puppet government". Don't ask why; I think maybe the word "puppet" just makes it amusing. I may have to put "pupet government" up there with "strapped for cash" and "morally bankrupt" in my list of favorite phrases.
This link comes courtesy of some Slashfucker.

Okay, can we all just sit down and admit that religion is bullshit now? I mean, seriously. The National Fucking Cathedral has a sculpture of James Earl Jones. Only he's not doing the CNN voiceover, which would sorta almost but not really give it some legitimacy, he's there as Darth Vader. You've got to be kidding me.

If nothing else, can we at least agree that this proves that the Church has a fascination with imaginary characters?